Preference #18: It’s a heated argument & he hits you…. suggested by anonymous

Liam- "You never want to hear my opinion on these kinds of situations!" you yell back at Liam. You have both never fought like this before. You were both really angry at each other ever since he came home from work. "I don’t need your opinion! You’re not my mother! I’m a grown up & I can do this on my own! I don’t need you!" he yelled in return. "Oh, you don’t need me?! Then I don’t need you! I won’t need you ever again Liam James Payne!!" You start to storm out of his flat when he suddenly slaps your arm, leaving a giant red mark on it. You look at your arm, & then at Liam, who realizes what he’s done. His mouth is dropped & you start to rub your arm & cry silently. You look at him again & start to leave, not wanting to hear anything he has to say. The next day, he shows up to your flat, begging for forgiveness. "I didn’t mean anything I said to you yesterday. You know I love you very much, right (Y/N)?" "How do I know you won’t try to hit me again?" "Because I love you. I can’t forgive myself if I hurt you again. Hell, I can’t forgive myself now." There was a silence & then you said, "Okay Liam, I forgive you. Don’t hurt me ever again." There was a huge smile on Liam’s face & he kissed you.

Harry- You were both at a bar, enjoying a couple of drinks. Harry’s gotten a little tipsy, & he’s slurring everything. “(Y/N), you know whaaat I looove about youu?” His eyes were lazy, & he looked like he had taken every single drug out there. “Harry, you’re slurring! You need to stop drinking!” “Don’t tell me what to do!” He struck you across the face. Everyone at the bar gasps with horror. You run out of the bar, in tears, & call Louis. “Louis, you need to pick up Harry & I at the bar.” “Okay (Y/N),” he says. He also realizes you’re crying. “What happened?” “Harry had a little too much to drink, & he slapped me.” “He slapped your face?” he gasps. “I’ll slap some sense into that boy. I promise. I’m on my way now.” Louis comes & picks you both up. You were too scared to sit next to Harry on the way to Louis’s flat. When you both get to the flat, you run into the bathroom, inspecting the red mark on your cheek, wondering how you’d explain this to your parents. While you’re in the bathroom, you hear Louis say, “Harry, how could you hurt her? How could you embarrass her in front of everyone at the bar? You shouldn’t do that to her ever again. She’s your girlfriend for fucking sake!” You came out of the bathroom & saw Louis scolding Harry. He looked ashamed sitting on the couch. You stand next to Louis & Harry looks up at you & hugs you. You flinch before he wraps his arms around you. “I’m so sorry I did this to you. I didn’t mean it at all. I love you (Y/N). I love you so much.” 

Niall- "You’re cheating on me aren’t you?" you ask Niall, after reading a gossip website. It had pictures of Niall & Demi Lovato & the whole story about how they Skype together. "I’m not cheating on you!" "Then what is this, Niall? What is this whole thing about Demi?!" "I’ve told you a million times it’s not true!" "I keep seeing Nemi everywhere! I can’t help but believe it! You think she’s prettier, & better than me! I know it!" "I don’t want to fight about this!" he yelled. His face was getting angrier. "I’ve had enough of this Nemi bullshit, Niall. Stop telling me it’s not true & man up & tell the world!" You both continue arguing back & forth & it gets more serious. The argument gets heated, & out of no where, Niall slaps you. "No, I’m done with you Niall," you say as you hold your cheek & walk out of his flat, not saying anything more to him. "(Y/N)! (Y/N)!" he yells after you. You start to walk faster, hoping he’ll just give up on trying to apologize. You feel his calloused hands on your shoulders & he spins you around. "I didn’t mean anything I said, & I’m sorry. I’m sorry I’m such a horrible boyfriend for hurting you. Please forgive me. You’re my world." You looked down & started to cry. You loved Niall more than anything. "I want to forgive you for this, but-" he cuts you off, mid-sentence, with a kiss. "Please forgive me," he said, taking your hand. "Okay, consider yourself, forgiven."

Zayn- You & Zayn were fighting. You absolutely hated fighting with Zayn. “Why weren’t you answering my calls & texts?!” he yelled. “Zayn, I was with my friends! I already told you!” “Why was your ex there?!” “I don’t know!” you sit down on the couch, frustrated. “Maybe you can find out from him!” “What’s that supposed to mean?” “Just leave!” he screams, pointing to the door. You stand there, waiting to see what he’ll do next. Zayn opens the door, & pushes you out. You land on the floor, with scrapes on your arms. He slams the door. You’re in tears, & you get up & sit outside the apartment complex. Liam comes up the steps. He takes one good look at you & asks, “(Y/N)? What’s the matter?” You’re in tears, & can’t say anything. “Did Zayn do something to you?” You nod & raise up your scraped up arms. Liam’s eyes widen. “We got in a fight,” you say, & explain the whole thing to Liam. “Why don’t you go home, & I’ll talk to Zayn,” Liam says. You thank him, & go home. A while later, Zayn shows up on your doorstep. He takes one look at your arms, & starts crying silently. You’ve never seen Zayn cry before. “I-I did this to you?” You look down. “Never in my life would I have thought I’d hurt you.” “But you did.” “But I didn’t mean to,” he looked in your eyes. “I’m so sorry,” he says, hugging you. “Can you please forgive me?” “Yes,” you say as Zayn wipes away your tears.

Louis- "I just can’t fucking stand you right now (Y/N)!" he yells as you storm into the living room of his flat. "You don’t have to anymore! I’m leaving! I’m tired of you saying the most disrespectful shit!" you argue. Louis was being a little too disrespectful to your family. Most of the time he jokes around, but he took it a little too far today. "Maybe I’m glad you’re leaving!" he says as you head to the door. As he finishes talking, you turn around. You walk up to him & slap him; you can’t believe what is happening right now. He gets angry & slaps you in return, causing you to fall to the floor. When you get up, he’s crying, & you back away from him. He realizes what he’s done & tries to apologize to you. "No! Get away from me!" you say as you fumble with the doorknob of the flat. "I’m sorry okay," he says letting a tear run down his cheek. "I can’t even forgive myself for doing this to you, so I don’t expect you to forgive me." You look up at him & bite your lip. "I’m sorry," you say. You hug him & he wraps his arms around your waist. "I won’t hurt you ever again," Louis says as he runs his hand through your hair.

Author’s Note- Honestly, I can’t picture any of the boys hitting their girlfriends, so this one was tough to write /:

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